Reverse Centaur Episode #43: Eye Patches & Double Dealing

After much coaxing from the Dungeon Master, the Poo Crew finally get their act together and decide to start making some progress. But it wouldn’t be an adventure if Smirk didn’t make some drastic decisions without consulting his comrades…. as well as one that might seal all of their fates…

This episode has a bit of everything, from arm-wrestling dwarves, slow talking Middle-Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortles, cross-dressing Phentomites, and that mysterious Aeon Guard whom they encountered in another reality. Hold on to your air-tight butthole… this is a good one.

What Grant is drinking:

  • JK Farmhouse Ciders Northern Neighbor can be found here.

What Gregg is drinking:

  • 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die can be found here.

What Kevin is drinking:

  • 21st Amendment Tasty can be found here.

What Marjoire is drinking:

  • Green Tea 

The music from this episode was produced by Sirius Beat and is used with permission. All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with permission