Reverse Centaur Episode #47: What the Hallajin are You Doing?

Welcome to the episode that made Sledge pull his hair out. Please excuse the poor audio quality this week. After a nearly complete edit, The raw audio file became corrupted. No fear because Sledge runs a backup, right? Well when he started working on the back up, that too also became messed up forcing him to start over. Not wanting to work on the same episode for another week… he left in all the cross chatter and paper shuffling… more out of anger than anything.

Despite all that, we have an exciting episode this week… one that the DM didn’t expect everyone to live through.

Also, a tease of pirates.

What Grant is Drinking:

  • Blake’s Hard Cider Wakefire can be found here.

What Marjoire is Drinking:

  • Shorts Brewing Bellaire Brown can be found here

What Gregg is Drinking:

  • Lagunitas Brewing Coffee Stout can be found here.

What Kevin is Drinking:

  • Banded Brewing Session Ender can be found here.