Reverse Centaur Episode #50: Arch Madness

The heroes of Harmony-One have a some strange new ally in that of Captain Pink Nose, having alienated the person they meant to help out in the first place. Pink Nose, smitten with Smirk, takes them to Ice Rock Atoll where the poo crew get back to their usual mucking about. Will they uncover secret organizations? Will they find another Middle Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortle? Is wearing a squid on your head fashion? Will Yvanna’s urges get the better of her? Will Pink Nose’s urges get the Better of Smirk?

Yes… to all of those… in most risqué episode yet…. which is saying something

The music from this episode was produced by Sirius Beat and is used with permission.
All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with permission