Reverse Centaur Episode #51: Alon Mollusk

This week the adventures face puzzles, mysterious strangers, an enigmatic gnome, and a little bit of S&M. Can they make it to the ladders before the world freezes over? Can they agree on how to get there? Can a tree get drunk?

Maybe, No, and yes.

What Grant is Drinking:

·         Cheboygan Brewing Company Blood Orange Honey here.

What Marjoire is Drinking:

·         Long Road Distillers Bourbon can be found here

What Gregg is Drinking:

·         21st Amendment Brewing Company Brew Free or Die can be found here

What Kevin is Drinking:

·         Connecticut Valley Brewing Company Star Gazer can be found here.


The music from this episode:

Sirius Beat and is used with permission.

All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with permission