Reverse Centaur Episode #52: The Shareholder Meeting

The Poo Crew are riding in cephalopod pods toward what they hope are the ladders of arch. But the pods were built by an eccentric gnome with a squid on his lid, and they don’t seem to be put together very well… Will they drown? Who is the Shareholder? Will Grundle beat up his friends?

Tune in for the answer to these questions and more in this weeks blunderful episode.

What Grant is Drinking:

  •  Curmudgeon’s Better Half Brunch by Founders Brewing here.

What Marjoire is Drinking:

  • Stuff that can be found here

What Gregg is Drinking:

  • Game of Throne Pinot Noir by Bob Crabal Winery can be found here

What Kevin is Drinking:

  • Even More Jesus by Evil Twin Brewing here.