Reverse Centaur Episode #54: The Search for Episode #53

It has been a long wait for this episode, and Sledge will explain what happened in the intro as our heroes seek a satisfying conclusion.

Will there be another Middle-Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortle?

Will Professor Grundle do something... ethically adjacent?

Will HERBIE become a daddy?

How many dick jokes can the DM cram into an episode?

Find out these answers and less in the penultimate Orrian Story Arc.


What Grant is Drinking:

  • White Claw can be found here.

What Marjoire is Drinking:

  • Bell's Brewing Song of the Self can be found here.

What Gregg is Drinking:

  • Knee Deep Brewing Comapny Breaking Bud can be found here.

What Kevin is Drinking:

  • Beer'd Brewing & Six Point Brewing Stay Toasty can be found here.