Reverse Centaur Episode #56: Choices

Our heroes are back from the brink, and with a fancy ancient Gateway Engine in tow, but I can’t help but feel they have left someone behind… Now, the galaxy is wide open to them. If only one of them could make a blasted decision. Like any decision. Not only do they not agree, they seem to be stalling until the DM forces a decision on them… which you can be sure… they won’t like.

What Grant is Drinking:

  •  Cherry Saison by Brewery Vivont here.

What Marjoire is Drinking:

  • Song of Myself by Bell’s Brewing can be found here

What Gregg is Drinking:

  • Hop Bullet IPA by Sierra Nevada can be found here

What Kevin is Drinking:

  • Oberon by Bell’s Brewing here.