Court of Nerds Episode 22: SPECULATIVE VILLAINY


Drew takes a stab at #BadTech, which sounds suspiciously like research for a career in villainy: Techno-rhinos stop poachers, dude made a man cave/lair way up in the sky, and the (unfortunate) lack of optimism for Star Trek holodeck

Next up Jess brings the noise with Gaming! Hold you horses, Harold, this ain't no video gaming - it's STRAIGHT PINBALL. Leading pinball manufacturer Stern put out a biiiiig stinker, a brand new pinball company starts things out right, and are you stuck in an elevator unable to get your pinball on at, oh, say, Grand Rapids' own Pyramid Scheme? Get the greatest of all pinball apps!

Nate tackles movies AND television, focusing on Hulu potentially rescinding ads, the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic lexicon, and Mac taking on Minecraft. 

Lastly, Grant praises Marvel's decision to FINALLY release Hawkeye 22, lauds DC's unheralded Martian Manhunter series, and is astounded that Marvel's upcoming solicitations look like warmed-over dookie butter

AND THEN, somebody else gets to drop some knowledge for a change: We get to talk to the writer/artist/poobah of the Metalheads series, Grand Rapids' own Scott Wygmans

Scott graciously answers all of our questions, and elaborates so wonderfully that it's impossible not to want to gobble up everything he's put out. 

You can follow his Instagram, his Tumblr, and listen to the faint whispers of his beard when a warm breeze whispers from the East.