Court of Nerds Episode 23: They’re only games. Why you heff to be med?

No, we haven't yet gotten cancelled. It's another Court of Nerds!

This week, Grant made us all afraid of the Joker again. Yes, the Killing Joke is being animated. And we're afraid for our very LIVES. Also, Adam Sandler's "Pixels" is looking like a real oscar winner. And X-Men: Days of Future Past is being re-cut... now with more Anna Paquin!

Droo's fully convinced Skynet is real. And apparently, thousands of folks in the Tech industry are just as scared as he is. Luckily, we're going to be too busy doing extreme sports with our new Lily Cameras to give a single hoot.

Gregg's little ball of anger explodes this week. His targets? The fact that a reviewer got their hands on the new DOOM game before Gregg, and confirms everyone's suspicions that DOOM will be the greatest FPS of the year... And then there's anger at Bethesda. Because why the heck can't they make any more special edition Pip Boys for Fallout 4? HUH? ANSWER ME? Also, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is making people all kinds of happy with choices and tea and crumpets.

Jess wants everyone to know that Island is pretty cool. And Archie #1 is exactly what you want a re-boot of Archie to be! But Fight Club 2 is kind of sad, because it sort of stinks.

Our special guest this week was Kaitlin Diemer from Vault of Midnight! We talked about this week's pulls, including a super special unpackaging of Sex Criminals. We also discussed the new, grittier reboot of Sabrina. And check out Vault of Midnight's super spiffy (and relatively more professional) podcast, SuperSkull!