Court of Nerds Episode 58: the Goatiest

Grant kicks us off with some juicy movie news.  Chris Evans wants to be Cap forever and we're okay with it.   We're getting a Green Lantern trifecta.  And last but not least, Famke Janssen says that she's not Jean Grey because sexism and not because her version of Grey has no place in this particular movie. 

Gregg takes on gaming and tells us about Hearthstone's Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.  Nintendo hints at more mobile projects after the success of Miitomo.  And this year's edition of Call of Duty may be called "Infinite Warfare."  Make sure you get it to add to the 2,948,739,046 other CoD games youve bought.  

Droo tells us all about the tv news.  Kevin Smith's Flash episode is getting rave reviews before hitting airwaves.  Game of Thrones Season Six premiere had a viewership record, losing only to.....itself.  Win/win?  And the Lucifer series is actually getting good reviews from non-comic fans.  

For this episode we were blessed with the seraphic visage of one Handsome Jeff from Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids, who introduced us to two female-protagonist-centric (*GASP*) comics.  To celebrate Alien Day, Aliens: Defiance is being released by Dark Horse Comics.   4 Kids Walk Into a Bank is hilarious and nerdy and makes Handsome Jeff giddy.