Lists for List Sake: Starfinder Edition

It’s happened again, Sledge has decided that instead of doing anything worth while (i.e. produce more podcasts, write comic reviews, or do his families laundry), he will instead write a stupid list of which nobody really cares about except him and maybe that guy in Nebraska (you know who you are). Because Sledge isn’t very imaginative, he is turning all his fellow nerds into Starfinder Characters like he did with 40K and DnD. He does this not out of spite or boredom, but only for his own entertainment…. Plus he is ninety percent sure none of his fellow nerds will read this because they become violently ill every time they see a post written by him. In short: This is my fucking list… Deal with it.


Grant: Skittermander


This seemed like the most obvious choice to me. Skittermanders are the most unassuming of  creatures to inhabit the Pact worlds. While they live a mostly agrarian lifestyle, the can accomplish any task given them, and will to so with the utmost glee. When the Vesk invaded their world, they were more than happy to get out of the invaders way - not out of fear, but out of an innate desire to help. They reasoned it would make the invaders job easier if they were not in the same location as the soldiers. This confused and infuriated the invaders, but sense the Vesk have a code of honor, they couldn't shoot the little puffballs who were only trying to help. This exemplifies Grant, who only tries to help... but somehow manages to make others mad at him.

While they are mammals, Skittermanders' have six arms. An adolescent is obvious because of a secondary mouth that sticks out of it's stomach. I think Grant at one point had these things as well, but lost them upon entering adulthood or by some horrific accident. 


Stacey: Anhamut

I personally believe Stacey will eventually evolve into these heralds of technological superiority. This robot is made up completely of hive minded nanites. It can interface with any technology and can generate powerful bolts of electrical current. Their central tenant is that of mapping the entire universe and bringing order to the cosmos. If you are willing to help them in this task they will become a steadfast ally. If you are unwilling to aid it in its goals it will not waste it's time with you. It has no time for "the stupid" in this universe. These traits seem to describe Stacey, which is why Sledge will forever try to be on her good side and he will not tear apart a perfectly good engine for risk of her leaving him stranded on a desolate world while she finds someone more interesting to talk to.

Biff: AHAV


Autonomous Heavy Assault Vehicle. I've long suspected that under the glorious beard of the being we call "Biff" there are actually cogs and gears. More than just a mere android, he is a machine of war, cutting down any who might stand against him. "Biff" is probably just the name given to the AHAV that Zack has programmed. AHAV's are difficult to construct, and very expensive to maintain... much like a state of the art gaming rig. Despite being so large, AHAV's has twitch sensitive servos that cause deadly pain to their adversaries. 

Drew: Vesk


A dominant race inside of the Pact Worlds. Lizard like, and standing close to seven feet tall, the Vesk are a durable species that long to prove themselves the equal of other races. This is usually done by conquest, but like in the case of the Skittermanders, they don't quite know how to deal with those who don't want to oppose them. Inside their combativeness is a genuine urge to better themselves (though they don't actually know it). They are comfortable with most technological weaponry, but skill keep their claws sharp should the need of melee combat arise (which for some reason it always does). I pick Drew as a Vesk because... because... come to think of it, I think I only wanted him to be a giant Space Lizard... Do I need any other reason?

Isaac: Space Goblin


A group of incredibly clever Goblins once stowed away on spaceship and managed to hitch a ride to space station. They quickly became adept at savaging materials. They could build and and tear apart almost any contraption. While they have adapted to space travel and low gravity, their mischievousness has not abated. They can find themselves in almost any crazy situation you can dream about and will somehow survive it do to their incredible building ability... which is second only to Isaac's Lego building ability.

Ben: Shobhad

Giant nomadic warriors that offer their expertise to anyone willing to pay for their service. They average a height of twelve feet tall, but can vary in size up to sixteen feet. The economic collapse of their home-world forced many to flee to neighboring Pact Worlds where having intelligent muscle can come at a premium. These beings are so powerful that even when suffering what should be a fatal wound, they will keep fighting... usually only to fall to unconsciousness and not death. Ben is tall and powerful like these beings... plus he would have four arms and therefore be able to give four separate individuals "the bird" simultaneously. If that isn't raw power, I don't know what is.

Jon: Drow

Moving from their ancient roots of the Underdark to the darkness of space seemed like a natural fit for the dark elf race. Advanced beyond most mortal races reckoning, the Drow still hold true to their matriarchal command structures and loathing of lesser beings. Male Drow often sell their highly skilled services out as assassins or weapons experts. Some even become bounty hunters if they loose the backing of their house. Masters of almost all combat knowledge, Drow could control the stars if hierarchical infighting didn't preoccupy their time... or maybe that's just a cover for their true operations. In the nerd circle, none can approach Jon's knowledge of the Sith... and that why he would be the perfect Drow.

Gregg: Dragonkin


Slightly humanoid in appearance, Dragonkin retain much of the intelligence of their dracinoid kin, but with more guile. Dragonkin have the ability to magicaly bond with other beings... even non dragonkin. A perfect partnership is established, each knowing each others roles and decisions. To outsiders it seems as if these pairings share a brain or that one is controlling the other. This of course is not the case, but Dragonkin sometimes spread the rumor just for their own delight. They are loyal and fun with friends and stoic with strangers. They have a stamina that can only be described as "unnatural." Gregg shares many of these mystical qualities of these creatures, good thing we know he is on our side.

Austin: Ikeshti

Ikeshti are another lizardfolk of the Pact Worlds. They are very different from the Vesk however, despite their appearance. They tend to be Technomancers, blending technological knowledge and the mystical arts. They are also survivors. Their dessert origins give them a hardiness that most races lack... though if push comes to shove instinctual nature can kick in, turning the Ikeshti into a killing machine with little thought to friend or foe. Austin is new to the Court of Nerds and Sledge doesn't really know him to well, so he picked a race he thought looked cool.... plus Ben agreed it looked like him.

Kevin: Ysoki

We finally come to Sledge. Is it any surprise that he is a space rat? Ysoki are small and furtive, and often overlooked by larger races. Yet through their wit and technological prowess, they have spread throughout the solar system. They give truth to the old adage that every starship needs a few rats. Kevin is not required, but he does tend to fill a hole that needs filling every so often... 

Honorable Mention - Marjoire: Maraqoui


Different from any other race from the Pact Worlds, the Maraquoi come from one of Bretheda's moons. Until recently, considered primitive in nature but have made rapid technological advances of late. They still retain strict traditions which most outsiders deem odd... this usually is do to their complex sexuality. Maraquoi have seven genders, some of which can interchange over time. Long term coupling or matrimony is an anathema to them, viewing most outside races as... prudish. Their skin is covered in sensitive hairs that act as thousands of antenna, transmitting environmental and even personal information to the brain in rapid speed. Their tails are often used to carry items or additional movement due to their prehensile nature. Sledge just thinks Marjoire would like to be a space monkey person, and thinks she would fit in with their society... and has nothing to do with any feelings his Reverse Centaurs character has.