Rebooking 5 past WWE Money in the Bank ladder matches

With WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view on ht horizon, Benjamin Raven and Austin "Sweetwater" Brunner decided to each rebook five past MITB finishes because this match and its corresponding outcomes are ripe for fantasy booking land. 

The two will identify an outcome they wish to rebook, and then hone in on how exactly they would rebook it. Let's get weird, and let us know what you would change on Twitter @BenjaminSRaven, @Court_of_Nerds. 

Raven's MITB fantasy wet dreams:

CM Punk -- WrestleMania 24 -- Successfully cashed in on Edge on Monday Night Raw

Re-book: Chris Jericho wins one, and both saves us from Punk's underwhelming/terribly booked first run with WHC and gets Y2J something to work with on road to WM25 that's not with three legends. 

Before the CM Punk fans come for me, this has more to do with the outcome of his cash-in and first run with the World Heavyweight Championship went. It's clear WWE had no clue what to do with Punk as after he cashed in on Edge (freshly beaten down by Batista) as he was stuck on the midcard and eventually lost his title without losing his title. You put the damn thing on Chris Jericho, and we get golden promos, another milestone on his list and most likely a much more entertaining spot on the WrestleMania 25 card that doesn't have Mickey Rourke involved. 

Mr Kennedy -- WrestleMania 23 -- Lost contract to Edge on Monday Night Raw

Re-book: Randy Orton wins MITB and gets right back into feuds with Undertaker and Batista. Orton and Undertaker were coming off fantastic WM21 match, and a decent enough feud that Taker's recently won WHC could have added fresh layer to it. Also, another milestone for Randall. 

I was there for WrestleMania 23, and while Mr. Kennedy was the right choice at that exact time, this is fantasy booking where hindsight isn't only allowed, but encouraged. He was injury prone and got into issues for dropping the wrong guys on the wrong heads. A year later, he was gone and a forgotten thing. Would have loved to see Kennedy take the next step in WWE, but hindsight makes me look at Randy Orton who was still young and in his prime fresh off of a feud with the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion in Undertaker. 

Jack Swagger -- WrestleMania 26 -- Cashed in on Chris Jericho on a SmackDown episode


Re-book: Christian wins, turns heel and returns to Captain Charisma as a little shit. Would have loved to see him cash in on Jericho, and put give that WM20 feud a more clear spotlight with the focus being on a world title and not Trish Stratus.

It's never a good sign when it takes a long time for the guy winning the briefcase to unlock the briefcase. This sucked. Swagger was never going to work on this level, and WWE made a mistake in shoving him down the fanbase's throat at this time. Take it from someone who went to a PPV with Jack Swagger as world champion .... not great. 

Give that thing to Christian and have him cash in on Jericho and we get better matches, solidify Captain Charisma's return and get him back in the character that worked best for him (2003-2005) as a singles competitor.  

Randy Orton -- Money in the Bank 2013 -- Successfully cashed in on Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam

Re-book: Just have Daniel Bryan win the briefcase, challenge Cena ahead of time to set up SS match with contract and win the belt at SummerSlam

This is the most boring kind of fantasy booking -- the safe re-book. Bryan would go on to challenge Cena, after the champ let the fans "pick" his next challenger. Bryan would get the "fan vote," and beat Cena only to have HHH pedigree him to set up a Randy Orton cash in and (fucking RKO-less pin) win the championship minutes later. 

This rebook cleans things up. Daniel Bryan gets the match, wins the title, and you could still have HHH pedigree him and Randy come down and beat him up to set things up. snooooze

Sheamus -- Money in the Bank 2015 -- Successfully cashed in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series

Re-book: Kofi Kingston wins the briefcase, and cashes in on Seth Rollins after Brock beats the piss out of him at Battleground

It gives Kofi a golden ticket, and rewards the man responsible for some of the most memorable moments in ladder, Royal Rumble, and etc. matches his moment on top. I'm not saying make him your top guy, I'm saying shit, see how this goes. Kofi is a veteran, has made it work in several different roles and is WWE loyal as shit. He's evolved, he's improved, he's become a character and he's still fun as hell to watch in the ring. 

Sweetwater's MITB fantasy wet dreams: 

Jack Swagger - WrestleMania 26 -- Cashed in on Chris Jericho on Smackdown!

Re-Book: Christian wins MITB at WrestleMania 26 and cashes in on Edge at TLC

Jack Swagger as champion was simply uninspiring. One of those “does the wrestler make the belt or does the belt make the wrestler?” The World Heavyweight Championship made Swagger. I simply didn’t view him as a champion at this point in his career. So let’s give it to Christian and change the mold a little. Edge still wins the title at TLC in the Fatal 4-Way, but Christian cashes in on his best friend. Then the storyline plays out until Wrestlemania, and that way Edge can go out in similar fashion, but losing to his best friend and passing the proverbial torch.

Baron Corbin - MITB 2017 -- Cashed in on Jinder Mahal on Smackdown and lost

Re-Book: Sami Zayn wins MITB and cashes in on Jinder at Summerslam

I only have two champions Zayn can cash in on here, and it’s Jinder or AJ. I like Sami ending the Modern Day Maharaja’s reign at Summerslam after Nakamura loses and then goes berserk. He hits the Kinshasa on the Singh Brothers, then on Jinder, and leaves the ring. Silence. Then, that lovely ska music hits and Sami sprints to the ring, cashes in, hits the Helluva Kick and gets the 1-2-3. Now. You can still get the belt on AJ by Survivor Series to have Brock vs. AJ and then AJ carry the belt to Mania to take on Shinsuke. Getting Sami ANY TITLE in WWE would be nice though, and this is a better way to do it than Corbin missing a cash in because of Cena interference.

Mr. Kennedy - Wrestlemania 23 0-- Lost contract to Edge on RAW

Re-Book: Jeff Hardy wins MITB at Wrestlemania 23 and cashes in on Great Khali

I actually didn’t mind Mr. Kennedy winning the briefcase, but then WWE wasted his momentum (or Kennedy was deemed unsafe, whatever). So let’s give the briefcase to Jeff Hardy, who would go on to win the WWE title once it moved to Smackdown abou a year later. However, let’s do this. Jeff Hardy wins the MITB briefcase, and on Smackdown cashes in after the Great Khali wins the 20-man Battle Royal for the vacated title, and we now have a new World Heavyweight Champion on the blue brand. This saves a wasted MITB contract, and avoids any reign for The Great Khali.

Damien Sandow - MITB 2013 -- Cashed in on John Cena on Raw and lost

Re-Book: Cody Rhodes wins MITB  and cashes in on ADR at Summerslam

Once again, I don’t hate the fact that Sandow won this contract, but the way they wasted it served no purpose. He attacked a lame Cena and STILL lost. So, let’s flip it. Cody Rhodes, the other half of the former Rhode Scholars, cashes in on Alberto Del Rio at Summerslam, but literally as Christian taps. Cody sneaks into the announcer’s area with a ref, as the bell rings to signify ADR retained, the announcer says “Cody Rhodes is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract!” Cross Rhodes. 1-2-3. Cody is the new champ. I would let Cody keep the title until say Survivor Series and then you can have Cena take it and do the whole Orton/Cena title unification match.

John Cena - MITB 2012 -- Cashed in on CM Punk and lost

Re-Book: Chris Jericho wins MITB and cashes in on John Cena at Extreme Rules 2013

This one took some work to creatively allow CM Punk to keep his title reign (because it was so good) allow the Rock/Cena feud at WrestleMania, and still get Jericho to use the briefcase within a year. Jericho still loses to Fandango at Wrestlemania, and still has the rematch at Extreme Rules. Cena and Ryback ends in a draw after both go through the Titantron. Cena’s on the stretcher. Jericho comes out and pushes him to the ring, rolls him in, cashes in the briefcase. 1-2-3. Chris Jericho is champion once again. Daniel Bryan can take the belt off his old NXT Trainer at Summerslam, and we can still do the whole Yes! Movement leading up to Wrestlemania 30.