Reverse Centaur Episode #60: If You Love Something...

Sometimes we like to go to dark places… other times, the DM takes the players there kicking and screaming….

Finishing Character Quests can be taxing for all involved, but this week we make it real hard on the DM. Kevin has handed the reigns to his intoxication over to his players… something that he will soon to regret.

What Gregg is drinking:

  • Firestone Walker 805 can be found here.

What Marjoire is Drinking

  • Northwoods Soda & Syrup Sparkling Water can be found here.

What Grant is Drinking:

  • Blakes Hard Cider Flannel Mouth can found here:

What Kevin is drinking:

  • Wild Elf by Troegs can be found here:

  • Green to Green by Mass Landing can be found here:

  • Deal with the Devil by 18th Street Brewery can be found here: