Comic Review: Adventures of the Super Sons #1

When Peter Tomasi revealed earlier this spring Super Sons was cancelled, the internet responded with shocks of disbelief and anger. I was among their ranks. Tomasi had written my favorite series to come out of Rebirth, and that's saying allot. It took a couple days, but Peter Tomasi later posted that we shouldn't be so upset; that Damian and Jon would be back. 

It was worth the wait.

Tomasi picks up the story of the greatest crime fighting duo (next to Blue and Gold that is), directly after the events of Super Sons #16 yet before the events Bendis' Superman Special #1. Jon and Damian's first year of school together is coming to an end and they are about to get ready for a summer jam packed full of crime fighting now that their secret head quarters has been repaired after Kid Amazo ruined it. Jon is so excited, he has dubbed school break as "The Summer of Super!"

SS 1.jpg

After sufficiently stocking the their secret HQ with root beer, Superboy and Robin head to the mall to stop an apparent monster attack. But when they get there, it appears to be a deliberate trap set for just them by miniature versions of the Justice Leagues greatest foes. These "kids" actually seem to be aliens who have taken on child like personas. 

With Robin incapacitated, Rex Luthor exposes Super Boy to Gold Kryptonite, which evidently allows Superboy's powers to siphoned off into his large gauntlet type thing.  Things are off to a bad start for the "Summer of Super," and we will have to wait for next month to find out what happens next.

I forgot how much I needed this. Sure the Blue Falcon/Dyno Mutt cross-over was fun, but it wasn't enough to satiate my desire for more Jon and Damian. Tomasi's writing is brilliant as always, with just the right amount of mischievous adolescent behavior. Barberi is back with cartoonish flair that makes his art so endearing. I haven't liked a pairing this much sense King/Gerards (I can't believe I just typed that).

Buy this book. Buy this series. Read them to your kids. Let's make "The Summer of Super" last all year.

Rating: 9/10 Hand-me-down Super Belts.