How to enter our killer 'Star vs The Forces of Evil' Magic Book of Spells giveaway

Do you like giveaways? How about the hit, Emmy-winning Disney XD show “Star vs The Forces of Evil?”

Well, have we got quite the surprise to you with special thanks to the Disney Book Group for partnering with the Court of Nerds and me, Benjamin Raven, on a giveaway that could land you the brand-new book “The Magic Book of Spells” inspired by the show.

Also included in the giveaway is one of Stars’ wands, headbands and some wand enamel pins. The book itself is listed at $19.99, and is available online and hit stores earlier this month.


All you need to do to score this killer prize package is rate, review and subscribe to The Court of Nerds on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, take a screenshot showing you completed the aforementioned task and send it to the Court of Nerds on Twitter, Facebook or email at

Seriously, that’s it. Prove to us that you rated, review and subscribed and we’ll write your name (or email address, social media handle, etc.) on a piece of paper, put it in a container and draw in a Facebook Live broadcast. The giveaway is only open to those with U.S.-based addresses.

I’ll cut the names and load the container up on the Facebook Live so all doubts of collusion are erased. I will give 24 hours heads up to when the drawing will take place, as I want to give people a chance to get their name in for the chance to win “The Magic Book of Spells” from “Star vs The Forces of Evil,” Stars’ headband and wand, and some enamel wand pins.

While the extra accessories are definitely cool, the book itself is a worthwhile grand prize here. I said it on the podcast embedded with this post explaining the giveaway and who we are, holding this book feels like holding a part of this show.

A very serious hats off to creator and executive producer Daron Nefcy, Dominic Bisignano, Amber Benson and Devin Taylor for this work on the show and book itself. “The Magic Book of Spells” is one of those things where if you’re a fan of this show, in any capacity above semi-average level, that you need this companion book.

Every section feels different from the last, and the art inside of “The Magic Book of Spells” is just plain fun to look at. Scroll through the gallery below for a perfect example (click on photo to make it swap to the next):

Ever wondered what’s inside The Magic Book of Spells? It contains every spell you’ve ever seen on the show, plus the history of Mewni, as told by thirteen queens. Each chapter is full of secrets, magic, and notes from Star Butterfly!

This fun-packed, full-color jacketed hardcover version of The Magic Book of Spells will give fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil all the inside information... and a chance to meet four never-seen-before queens.

Plus, the book jacket doubles as an exclusive Mewberty Wings tarot card poster!

Fans will have access to the past 13 Queens. Well, 12 Queens and one not-quite Queen. They’ll gain insight into their various spells, histories, diary pages, tarot cards, secret loves! They can find out their Aureole sign, recipes for Mewni pies, and if they are really clever unlock a secret language.
— Disney Book Group

The Disney XD show is ridiculously adorable, insane and yet inconceivably relatable, and I can't recommend it enough. Drew turned me onto this show a couple of years ago, and here we are. This book is wonderfully nerdy, and we’re pumped to put it in one of our fans’ hands.

This baby is thick, full of spells but some nice surprises such as Star’s section turning into half-diary, half-spell book. It’s fun, it’s cheese and it’s perfectly “Star vs The Forces of Evil.”