Starrcast: The hilarious, informative Monday Night War Debate with Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff

The panel side of Starrcast got off to a pretty fantastic start with the Monday Night War Debate between Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard with Conrad Thompson moderating putting on one hell of a hilarious and informative debate. 

For fans of 83 Weeks and Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, this show was like those two coming together for about an hour and a half live performance talking about anything and everything regarding the Monday Night Wars.

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I highly recommend buying the Starrcast Weekend Pass on FITE TV for $99.99 so you can watch it whenever and wherever you'd like, but I'll break things down a little bit just to give you a taste. 

Eric started things off by going right for the jugular in the steroid scandal, and that ... well ... he has been snorting some Blue Chew.  That was the theme of this debate, it wasn't petty, it wasn't dirty, it was a straight-forward fun as hell informative debate with that ended with a solid Q&A from a well-behaved audience. 

From the fan perspective, it was a great time that was highlighted by the great personalities on the stage. From the media perspective, we had an issue with media seating and the folks with Starrcast fixed it and hooked us up before the show started. All in all, a great experience that lived up to the hype. 

Check out the thread below for some highlights of the event:


  • Eric checked if Madusa was in the crowd so he could tell the real story behind the belt in the trash on Nitro incident. Hint, Madusa was not in the crowd. 
  • The two jabbed back and forth over who would win the fight between Vince and Eric, which ended with Eric conceding that "yeah, Bruce was right, Vince woulda kicked my ass" after saying getting his ass kicked wasn't a big deal to him because he grew up in Detroit. 
  • Bruce and Eric shit on ECW (with mostly facts) while Conrad stood up for the fans by getting in a shot at Houston Wrestling being dead. 
  • Eric really worked to fight the stigma that people only came to WCW for the money; spoke to underpaying for Lex Luger which Bruce said they still overpaid. 
  • Eric talked about firing people orgasmically. 
  • Bruce is just plain entertianing.