Comic Review: Batgirl #3

Writer Hope Larson is really honing in on her specific version of Barbara Gordon in issue No.  3 of Batgirl. 

It's a stronger issue in the lines of story, but the Rafael Albuquerque's art remains a mixed bag from page-to-page. Barbara feels like a different character each time we see her face, while the illustration of Batgirl seems to be more consistent and friendly on the eyes. 

These pages are what make me feel optimistic for this series moving forward. But they need to get a grip on Babs outside of the costume as her personal life and just as important to the story as the vigilante version. 

It almost feels like the art team can't decide if they want to portray Barbara as Babs Tarr's version or their mix of Wendy's logo/Longstocking. I'm not trying to be overly judgmental, it's just that it feels extremely noticeable and distracting from a strong story. 

It's fun following her journey outside of Burnside, away from her friends and trying to figure out yet another mysterious boyfriend. We get to see some MMA fighting, and Albuquerque does nail the Batgirl thinking in action scenes to a T. 

Rating: 6.5/10 Some consistency on the art would be helpful as there isn't enough here to recommend this book to non-Batgirl fans. The story is strong, but this issue was far from the complete package. It isn't all doom and gloom as this series is in its infancy and just needs to find its solid footing.