Comic Review: Spider-Man The Clone Conspiracy #1

The first issue of the five-part Amazing Spider-Man event from Dan Slott gets off to a solid start by just going full Spider-Man on us. Just taking all the cliches and played-out storylines of the past and saying screw it, kill everyone, bring them back and do it all over again with an evil wink.

While this might annoy some and not do much in the terms of excitement ... I liked it. 

It's an interesting storyline, and I'm going to do my best to spoil as little to nothing as possible, that brings Peter and Spider-Man's life crashing to the surface. Everything sucks. Everything is confusing. He has secrets draped in other secrets. 

It's a classic Spider-Man tale on steroids. 

Now, with all of that said, it's not much of an exciting book as it is limited in action. Its saving grace, though, is the solid ending and awesome short-story from Gwen Stacy's perspective*

  • **The Amazing Spider-Man #121

Jim Cheung was on pencils, John Dell inks and Justin Ponsor on colors. There's such a dark feel to this one. Dark shades. Heavy eyes, heads tilted. 

This team did a knock-up job in making this somewhat slow-moving episode with a sappy tune into a unique feeling drama thriller with its ending. 

Rating: 7.5/10 It's absolutely insane, but it works. Slott starts a super interesting storyline, with a couple twists and turns, even with a somewhat action-less start. His events have been some of Spidey's best in recent years, so I suggest hopping on in time for issue #2 of 5.