Television Review: Supergirl Episode 1 Season 2

The wait for “Supergirl’s” premiere on the CW was a long one, especially when rumors began of the inclusion of a certain Big Blue Boy Scout. Thankfully, the first episode of the second season not only lived up to expectations, but it also set CW records for being the most-watched show in 8 years.

To start things off we get to see Supergirl and Martian Manhunter save National City some collateral damage when a space pod crashes. It’s a cool sequence that shows each character’s strengths, and by God I love how J’onn J’onzz is portrayed on this show – David Harewood shows a levelheaded reserve perfectly, but still emotes through the typically stoic nature of the alien.

When it’s discovered that the inhabitant of the vessel is indeed a Kryptonian – a fully grown-ass man of a Kryptonian at that – Kara lets her cousin know, and we finally (FINALLY) get to see the Man of Steel himself show up in this series.

One of the big problems this show had in the first season was the constant references to “her cousin” or “Clark” or any of the multitude of allusions to Superman without showing him or talking too much about him, so finally seeing Clark was extremely gratifying, especially in how he’s introduced: Tyler Hoechlin’s first screen time as the Last Son of Krypton is as Clark Kent in the midst of a Perry White tirade.

And this is really where the whole off-season discussion of actually having Supes on the show pays off: Hoechlin is sublime in the role, embodying both Kent and Superman in a way that appeases longtime fans. As Clark he is klutzy and awkward, but with a steely resolve beneath the thick-framed glasses. As Superman he relishes his role as a hero, and loves interacting with the civilians he has sworn to protect. There’s a really poignant scene where he saves a group of people, turns, winks, and then flies away.


But the plot of this show introduces a new way of life for Kara, where she takes charge of her desires and doesn’t waffle for episodes at a time – She makes a firm decision on what her new position at Catco will be, and gives Way-too-tall-and-muscular-and-handsome James Olsen the Truth. It’s nice to see some progression in the character, and you can tell that having Clark around inspires her to take charge of her life.

It’s also worth noting that even though Supes finally makes his long-awaited appearance, Hoechlin never upstages the brilliant Melissa Benoist – this young actress has made a lot of strides coming into this season, and continues to embody the positive, hopefully nature of the House of El. Her optimism shines through, and it’s a real testament to how committed Benoist is to shine in this role.

We also get to see the further development of all of “Supergirl’s” supporting cast, from Wynn’s new job at the DEO to Cat Grant herself. All in all, this was a great way to kick off a season, and with the promise of more Superman on the show I think this season should really find it’s niche.

9 out of 10 Super Cousins