Comic Review: Deadpool - Back in Black #2

Do you ever find yourself walking the comic isles looking at covers to see if anything jumps out at you? Do you ever find yourself picking up a comic you swore you were done with because of a guest appearance? If you have answered yes to these questions you know what I'm talking about. In this case, the comic I figured I was done with is Deadpool and the guest appearence is The Power Pack.

Now, I may have mentioned a few times how much I love the Power Pack (especially the Giruhiru run of the super powered children) and how much I wish to see their return to continuity even though they have for the most part grown up and moved on. When I saw that Deadpool went back in time to the 1980's and acquired the symbiote suit known as Venom, I wasn't overly excited. When I saw that one of our favorite writers, Cullen Bunn, was writing it; I was curious. When I saw the Power Pack on the cover. I was sold. 

Now I have to buy another entire Deadpool series. Thanks Bunn. Sheesh.

I will spoil as little of the story as possible, and instead just display some humorous panels to loosen up your wallet and put this book in your box. Ready. Here we go.

Did you like that Stan Lee-esque panel as much as I did? I hope you did. Try this one.

Do you find yourself chuckling at Cullen Bunn's dialog? I know I am. How about this panel?

Are you intrigued that Venom seems to be taking over Wade Wilson, who has a good more of a compunction to kill people than Peter Parker? I was sure surprised. What about this last panel?

Are you questioning what that clown is doing in this comic? You'll have to buy it to find out because I'm not telling.

In short, you dear reader need to buy this series. Not just for the amazing writing and art, not just for the cooky off the wall antics of deadpool, not just for the insane premise of the comic, but because we all need more Katie Powers blowing up space lizards.

In the end, isn't that all we ever needed?

Rating: 10/10 Mass Master Putdowns





Every page, nay, every panel is a delight. From the