Comic Review: Teen Titans #1

Maybe you should go back and listen to Ben Percy's delicious voice before I start this review. I'll wait.

Back? Okay.

I may have just found my favorite Rebirth comic. That is saying quite allot, because I love what DC has produced, including names that don't end in Johns or Abnett. I swear not to spoil too much, so I'll keep it real simple.

What do you get the cold blooded, assassin trained by Batman, who has everything?

Damian has just turned thirteen, which he celebrates alone with Alfred because his dad is the typical no-show and his only real friend is Goliah the giant "Wookie bat monster thing." Pennyworth suggests he spend more time with peers his own age. But, we know Damian. He, like his father, has associates and not friends.  

Beast Boy will be the highlight of every issue

We flash forward to your typical Damian monologue infront of the captured Teen Titans. Seemingly putting them to the test before taking on the role of leader which was left vacant by Red Robin's (Tim Drakes') supposed death. An epic battle of quips and super powers occure before Damian pulls on their heart strings enough to get them to accept him.  

Inspiring, but can he reach the top shelf in the kitchen?

The cheesy appeal to human emotions seems to have worked on the rest of the Titans and we get a flash back to Damian's birthday. We find out the real reason why Damian sought to become leader of the Teen Titans... his grandfather, Ra's Al Ghul is coming for him.

Geeze, what even happened to a ten dollar bill in a Hallmark?

Every comic has it's own "feel" and if I were to choose the "feel" for TT it would be "friendship." This is what Ben Percy will be building on. Damian needs the Titan's to accept him as a leader, but can he call anybody a friend? It's sappy, it's full of adolescent hijinks, it's smart, and it's real.... as real as a team of super-powered teenagers can be, I guess.

The narrative is driven home by terrific dialog. Percy ticks off every single box of what makes the TT great. He even did something I didn't think anybody could do: make me care about the new Wally West (Kid Flash). Rebirth bringing back the original Wally made things so much better for me and I have learned to let the new Kid Flash occupy his own space and move beyond the terrible New 52 origin story. This, for the first time, feels right.

If Percy's story is the delicious strawberry and vanilla cake, then Jonboy Meyer's art is the icing on top! This hard edge and expertly detailed styling fits perfectly with the TT motif. It's bold and colorful. Each character emotes with the same earnestness that every teenager feels and that all of us adults could never understand. 

It you can't tell by now, this is a comic series that is set up for greatness. It's the series that you pick up every issue of and read multiple times with a smile on your face. It's the series you bag and board and then buy the hardcover when it comes out so you have something for coffee table. It's that good, and you are missing out if you don't pick this book up. 

Rating: 10/10 Demon's Fists