Comic Review: Wolfcop #1

Do you like pulp? I like pulp... to an extent. Pulp that that understands its pulp... not bad story telling disguised as pulp. It can't take itself too seriously, but it has to turn a blind eye to it's silliness most of the time. It also needs to be violent, but not violence for violence own sake. So by that definition, there is very little pulp that I truly enjoy. Maybe Wolfcop can change that for me.

Let me be perfectly clear right here and now.

This is NSFW!

This comic has cussing, cannibalism, dismemberment, and a werewolf police officer. 

Read on at your own peril.










Boozing down the road officer?

The story, like most pulp, tends to be thin on background information. We start with an ex-cop who is wanted for murder driving in the desert with his buddy while tossing back a few. One easily predictable car accident and humorous profanity filled monologue by his partner, the cop spots trouble coming down the road. Wouldn't you know it's a bunch of Neo-Nazi cannibal kidnappers with two girls hog tied to the backs of their... hogs.

Guys, I know the Trump rally is around here somewhere

So ex-cop and buddy get captured too, but wouldn't you know it, there is a full moon tonight and one of the kidnappees is a werewolf. Go ahead, guess which one? Despite his friend claiming to be a "Redkneck Pacifist,"Wolfcop rips the biker gang to shreds allowing one of them to escape and lead him to their base of operations. 

If you don't think this isn't my wallpaper now, you don't know Sledge

The compound is run by a giant of a man who likes to eat his victims pieces at a time, so he always has some dudes in hazmat suits with chainsaws and flamethrowers at hand just in case you want a barbecue. Wolfcop don't seem to care and when asked about a plan, he just drinks more whiskey.

Yup, Wolf Vision. Use it. Please.

Wouldn't you know he tears through all of the Neo-Nazi cannibals fairly easily. He needs some help dealing with the guys in hazmat suits from his buddy, but everyone else is dead. Or so we thought, because the big bad is revealed to be a Wereboar.

Talk about fat back

Wolfcop gets tossed around awhile until he manages to put a bullet through the brain of the gang leader and then set all the hostages free, including the boyfriend of one of the girls they rescued. So after all that, the only thing really left for Wolfcop to do is drink some more and ride off into the sunset. Do you think that happens? You bet your ass it does!

No, you're goddamn right

Now, as with most pulp, you don't give it too critical an eye. You simply ask yourself, "Hey, did I enjoy that?" The answer to which I would say is, "Yah, self, I did kinda enjoy that."

Max Marks isn't writing Shakespeare, he's writing Tarantino, and he is mostly successful. The art is good, the violence cringe worthy, and the subject matter grotesque: all the necessary requirements for a pulp comic minus the nudity. Its a great pulp comic, but not really a good mainstream comic. 

So, be your own judge. If you need senselessness violence by monsters in your life, this might be the book for you. If not, well you knew what you were getting into with a comic titled Wolfcop.

Rating: 6.5/10 Bursting Eyeballs