Comic Review: Batman #8

Writers Steve Orlando and Tom Kong are back together for the pair's second round of doing a Batman issue together. What a perfect match it is for the action-packed, straight up insane storyline. 

Add in Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia's colorful, lively art with the unique format and full-throttle story, and that's a pretty different Batman issue. 

While there isn't a lot of -- and this feels so harsh -- depth, the action is fun and overall weirdness of the monsters and issues at hand make it a fun ride from start to finish. Seriously, you get to see Gotham Girl and Nightwing as some insane type of unbeatable beast. 


And to top it off, you get to see freaking Clayface, and of course, Batman uses him as an insane fighting suit to take on Werewolf/Monster Gotham Girl. These crazy creators even kept the chest Bat symbol on the Clayface suit's "chestplate."

There is nothing wrong with weird, we need more weird and it's awesome to see it happen with Batman. To add to that point, King's Batman has been a very strong, overblown version that brings out his strongest characteristics and traits to the forefront. There hasn't been a ton of Bruce Wayne, but this newish feel to Batman has been refreshing. 

The Night Of The Monster Men arc might not be David Foster Wallace levels of deep or complex, but it's fun. Also. King stayed true to his word on bringing back some potentially forgotten characters. 

He dished on that on our show back in May: Court of Nerds Episode 62: Meat and Taters (the Tom King interview!)

Rating: 8/10 It's fun, it's weird, it works. Tom King and Steve Orlando bring the freaky monsters and obscure Batman characters. Sure, it's not the deepest but it's fun. We need more fun.