Comic Review: Cannibal #1

Let me state this right at the onset. This comic is NSFW. If you don't want to see a teenagers jugular ripped out or a fake rape/date, then stop reading now. If you do want to see/read about it... seek help... then finish reading this review.
















worst hicky ever

So the short synopsis is this. In the way back year of 1994, a hurricane woke up a bunch of ancient mosquitoes, which were hibernating underground. These bugs carried a virus which when transmitted to humans caused people to want to eat other people. It spread all over the US but for some reason a swamp town in central Florida has been spared from the blight... until now.

Now, if that sounded like a bunch of derivative nonsense, then you would be right. I'm going to spare you the so called "narrative" because most of the characters seem interchangeable or unnecessary. Even the characters that we are supposed to care about are terrible human beings; one, which I think is a protagonist - kidnaps a stripper, brings her to a shack in the woods, rips the clothes off her... it's then we realize that she is his girlfriend and this was supposed to be a funny way to start a date. 

Now, I may not "git" redkneck humor, but that was dark even for me.

Now, I may not "git" redkneck humor, but that was dark even for me.

But don't you worry, not just the story is terrible. No no no. The art is inconsistent as well. Maybe the artist was going for frumpy faced, fanny pack, alcoholic stupor for all the characters... and it is Florida after all... even the scenes of graphic violence were unimpressive.

I don't normally give horrendous grades for comics, but in this case, I'll make an exception. Image Comics, I expect better.

Rating 2.5/10 Buck Knives to the Throat