Comic Review: Midnighter and Apollo #1

There's been something missing during DC Rebirth. Don't get me wrong - it's been amazing, as creators have been weaving passionate, enthralling tales across the entire line of books DC Comics is putting out. Yet ever since Steve Orlando's epic Midnighter book reached its conclusion things just haven't been the same. 

BUT OUR CRIES HAVE BEEN HEARD, FELLOW ATTRACTIVE PERSON! The logical continuation of Orlando's tale is finally here, and it's a terrific start to this six-issue miniseries. Things open in a real Midnightery way - Orlando, a self-professed fanboy of the old Authority runs of Warren Ellis/Bryan Hitch and Mark Millar/Frank Quitely, captures that madcap vibe that permeated those runs with the introduction of Subway Pirates defending their god, a giant subway train golem. Apollo handles the giant decisively, and Midnighter is left to his joyous violence as he makes his way through the train, taking out all the pirates until he reaches their leader Half-Beard (not making this up, and it's DELIGHTFULLY insane). 

see? told you. 

see? told you. 

Artists Fernando Blanco (pencils & inks) and Romulo Fajardo Jr (colors) alternate between frenetically bananas action sequences (Midnighter's two-page spread of pirate decimation was an absolute treasure), peaceful moments (the intimate time between the eponymous heroes), and spooky shit (any time you see main villain Henry ****ing Bendix). 

And yes, it's Bendix returning to rain on the lovebirds' parade, and he's cooking up a doozy: there's a sequence of panels where he's trying to recruit a DC villain with supernatural powers to take on Midnighter, and then he finally finds the right magical assholes to put his plan into action. What's that plan, and how is it tied to the climactic end of the book? You'll just have to see for yourselves, but know that this is going to be a crazy-fun book. 

Having ACO doing the covers and Orlando telling the story is a comforting notion for those who were extremely disappointed when Midnighter got the ax, and so far this story continues every bit of snark and violence that made the book so much fun. Now we get to see more about Midnighter as part of a loving couple, we get to see him unlock his emotions and dismantle any threat to him or his boyfriend. And it's all fast-paced and insane. God, I loved this book.

10 out of 10 Half-beards (or 5 out of 5 Full-beards)