Comic Review: Ether #1


Matt Kindt tickles parts of my brain I didn't know I had with Ether #1. This tale is a fantastically weird entry into a new world filled with mystery and intrigue, and David Rubín's art is a perfect fit for the story as well.

Ether is the story of a magical realm connected to Earth. Our protagonist is scientist Boone Dias along with his lovely lavender sidekick Glum. The pair are presented with a problem and AWAAAAAY we go! The table is set and then Kindt throws in a hella twist at the end. How much do we really know about Boone? How much can he be trusted? What is Ether?

Kindt makes some great choices here. The first is Boone and his running narrative to no one in particular. He doesn't seem to be addressing the reader directly but he's absolutely narrating. Glum quickly establishes himself as the comedic relief and an excellent counterpoint to Boone and his science.  

Jeff Lemire variant

Jeff Lemire variant

Rubín's art is a delight. It fits well with the whimsical tones and finds heavy notes when needed. I also love his color choices, with a very wide and vibrant pallette for Ether and muted dull tones for Earth. Rubín is not an artist I was familiar with prior to this book, but this will send me seeking out his stuff.  


I actively looked for a reason to ding this book with something lower than a 10, but it's just not there. Kindt and Rubín not only deliver on their promise of science and fantasy, they bring both in spades. Boone and Glum already have a spot on my pull list and I'll anxiously await the next journey into Ether and the mysteries it holds.