Comic Review: Batman #11

Batman #10 seemingly split fan-reception right down the middle, but I think we can all agree that the latest issue in Tom King and Mikel Janin's Batman made up for a lot of ground. 

I'm the type of person who likes to grab onto one thing I really loved about an issue without spoiling anything for the readers I'm trying to convince to buy comic books. Luckily for me, Janin and King showed off some nice chemistry in a full-page spread of flowing action/dialogue. 

I'm a sucker for spreads that make you study them for minutes on end just to admire every little thing going on. Check this spread out, it's easy to follow and a really fun sequence: 

Don't fall for the Batman/Bane cover, as this issue truly hones in on Catwoman and her journey to meet with Bane. This issue simply feels a little out of this world. It's bizarre in nature, but King and Janin make it that much more so through their creativity in structure and format.

Also, the little crouton serving of Batman in this issue is just pure gold. We get treated with a deep flashback before the Cats murder spree of 239 people. Their conversation is wacky to an extent that pulls the crazy right out of the Cat.

Batman will say something, Catwoman will repeat the same thing but with a different meaning.

Rating 8.5/10:  The artwork is so strong throughout the issue, and we are truly on the road to something very fun with Batman, Bane and co. Tom King just meshes so well with whatever artist he is working on, as the creativity in structure and format make the surreal nature of this issue just jump right off the page.