Comic Review: Green Arrow #11

Green Arrow has consistently been one of the best books to come out of Rebirth, and it continues its model of excellence with a high-speed chase and sublime Eddie Fyers douchebaggery. 

If I may, I need to add that seeing Eddie Fyers come back to the DC universe has been a real thrill for me: I've been a Green Arrow fan for quite some time, and even talked Eddie Fyers with creator Mike Grell, so having him come back and really screw up Ollie's life has been a treat. And screw up things he does, especially in this issue.

Things open with Ollie and Dinah desperately try to nab Fyers, all while evading officers and guards who think that they're the murderers. Of course, this shouldn't be easy, so it's atop and around a trans-continental railway that Fyers is looking to blow up. Oh yes, now that Eddie's succeeded in poisoning Amin Mustafa, he's getting irritated with being tailed and is going to attempt to blow the railway tunnel to flood it with ocean water and murder an entire trainload of people. What a DICK. 

This is a really frenetic issue, where the action keeps the story going at a breakneck pace (and props to writer Benjamin Percy for allowing that action to take the front seat here; Ollie and Dinah quip, and Fyers has his sinister dialogue, but it never takes the spotlight from Juan Ferreyra's incredible artwork.

In fact, it's the chase between Fyers and GA that really brings this book up to a great level, especially the fight scene oh-so-perfectly captured by do-everything artist Ferreyra: he pencils, inks, and colors his own work (as we've marveled at before). There's a fight between Ollie and Fyers, where each character comes at the other without holding back, and we get a glimpse that Fyers' tenacity may indeed give him the edge over GA. It was so well-orchestrated, and Fyers is SUCH an asshole, that it packed so much into just a two-page spread. 

The climax was what you hoped for, again featuring incredible teamwork by Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Diggle, and a wonderful final moment with the two lovebirds.  Although small, this arc was action-packed and tense, and reintroduced an integral character back into the Green Arrow mythos. It's a comforting feeling to know that this book will come out and consistently nail the tone that Percy & crew worked so hard on setting, and issue 11 embodies that perfectly: heavy action, sharp dialogue, breath-taking artwork, and a story you can lose yourself in. 

9 out of 10 Ginger Bastards