Comic Review: Ultimates 2 #1

So Civil War 2 is over! I mean, it isn't over because there is still another issue to release next month in the series. But Marvel has been pretending it's over for the past two months as all the post Civil War 2 storylines keep getting published. Now we can get to stories that aren't tied to terrible "event" narratives. Now The Ultimates can be what we have always wanted it to be: a Hickman like story that sweeps the cosmos. There is a problem though. The Ultimates have been disbanded because of Black Panther and the whole heroes fighting heroes thing. Those who are "cosmically aware" might have an inkling that something is not all right in the multiverse.

Who is the cosmic jailer?

Here is the quick breakdown of this comics story. Conner Sims (Anti-Man, super powerful cosmic entity that has a constant identity crisis) is capturing the former members of the Ultimates. He's grown even more powerful than he was even before and quickly subdues them. He whisks them across the universe on a whim so they can meet their new boss.

No, not Galactus, though Anti-Man is his herald and he seeks others. It's America Chavez (Ms. America) who has proclaimed herself the new leader of The Ultimates. 

The breakdown of this comic is simple for me: after it sheds all the Civil War 2 epilogue, we have the makings of a great story. A story that we embarked on a year ago before Bendis took all of Marvel Comics for a ride nobody wanted. Al Ewing's writing is great, the story is compelling, and the scope is COSMIC!

Too bad I really don't like Travel Foreman's art that much. I mean, it's not horrendous, but it is far from consistently good. He has up's and downs. Some panels seem like he spent a day on, others like he spent ten minutes. It's as distracting as it is frustrating.  

Also, as a bonus, we get a peek at the next year. I lost my mind when I see Reed Richards from the 1610 declaring "Behold, The Ultimate Universe." That made me excited because he has been one of my favorite slow burn villains of all time.  

Rating: 7.5/10 Clark Kent References