Quickie Comic Reviews: Batgirl #5 and Frostbite #3

Two delightfully tasteful books that deserved their own reviews, but Thanksgiving and work happened and, god damn it, I deserve some respect I drive a Dodge Stratus and I'm doing my best. 

Frostbite #3 from Vertigo Comics, Flash writer Joshua Williamson, artist Jason Shawn Alexander. 

This is the futuristic, Ice Age western comic book that you need in your life. The consensus coming out of issue two in this six-part series from Vertigo was that it left a lot of unknowns on the table and didn't connect things that most readers wanted connected. 

I think that's more on the impatient readership base and not the writing, as I felt it built into itself much smoother than it was given credit for. Anyway, there is no way these feelings still exist after the latest issue of Frostbite. 

Seriously, pick this book up. There's still time, it's a deep read with some other-worldly interesting art. The graininess makes it feel like you're actually in a shit storm of wind and snow.

Fantastic, dramatic writing from Williamson with deep characters, and fantastic visuals from Alexander.  The violence, the unknown of being stuck in an Ice Age screams off of every page. 

Review: 9/10 Ray Romano voiced critters

Batgirl #5 Conclusion of the Beyond Burnside arc by Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque

This series has improved with every single issue, which makes the conclusion of its first arc hit harder than imaginable. Larson has found the Batgirl/Barbara Gordon frequency and Albuquerque has discovered the master touch of the quirkiness in Babs and the off-beat action style of Batgirl. 

Batgirl is the Goran Dragic of the DC Rebirth thingamabob. 

Things wrap up in squeaky-clean fashion as the only thing we're left wondering is where Batgirl is off to next. 

Review: 7.5/10 A safe book that wraps up its first arc squeaky clean.