Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1

Remember Secret Wars II? I do and I loved it and Battleworld II so much that I bought the hard covers and trade papers of several of the miniseries that came out of it. One of the ones that I absolutely loved was Renew Your Vows. It re-introduced us to the What If? story that had Peter and MJ married with the almost always adorable Annie May. It turns out that Reed, Franklin, and Galactus must have loved their world as much as I did and decided to keep their story going. 

I never make a list either Pete... has something to do with the Y Chromosome, I Think 

After the fall of Regent (who ruled this particular part of Lord Doom's fiefdom), there is allot of cleanup that needs to take place. The "power stealing technology" that Regent used against all the worlds heroes (the tech that drove Spider-Man into hiding to begin with) is up for grabs. Parker managed to get his hands on some "power sharing technology," but he has other problems to contend with. Dad type problems. Forgetting to write down a shopping list, making time to give your wife some personal attention, and making sure your super-powered child stays out of your gadgets.

If I had a nickle everytime my child got into my webslinger... I wouldn't have any nickles...

Regent's technology has many people interested in it. It would seem that a young Osbourne is in charge of his father's, Harry I'm assuming, company and has gained exclusive permits for cleanup and excavation. Yet, he isn't the only one that seems to have an interest in Regent's technology trove: Moleman has sprung up in the middle of the mess left from the fateful final battle. He even brought some moleoids and a giant T-Rex! Good thing Spidey's better half is listening in and has a spider-power costume all her own.

Looking good MJ.

With his wife by his side the tide will soon turn, until Moleman reveals his ace in the spider hole... he has taken little Annie May captive... and that's our cliff-hanger ending, folks. Now, if you remember from the original Renew Your Vows, Peter was willing to kill to protect his family, a feeling most parents can relate to when their child is put in danger. I can imagine that in the next issue, we might experience something similar... maybe this time with MJ.

I loved this book for multiple reasons. First of all, Gerry Conway's continuation of the Secret Wars II story-line is something I didn't know I wanted until I saw it on the shelf. His dialog has some of the most real "around the breakfast table" conversations I have ever read in a comic. Second, Ryan Stegman's art is jaw droppingly gorgeous. His work on my favorite Marvel comic series, Future Foundation, gave me my favorite Spidey costume(s) of all time. Third, we get a bonus comic by Anthony Holden called The Ernest Adventure's of Spider-Dad that is so adorable it might give Skotty Young's Little AvX a run for it's money.

This comic has it all, and though it costs $4.99, It's one of those books you'll want to keep and go back to.

Rating: 9.5/10 Sandman Sandcastles