Comic Review: Great Lakes Avengers #2

While Marvel has yet to officially end Civil War II, the post conflict story lines keep coming. One of the few comics that Marvel has put out that helps wash the taste out of my mouth (instead of just pouring more ill conceived ideas to the forefront of their major titles) has been The Great Lakes Avengers. If you need to catch up, you can read the first review here, and I'll wait for you at the next paragraph.   

So now that we are all caught up and the GLA has relocated their headquarters just across from the good side of Detroit, we find that that the super team has to deal with a problem that all neighborhoods that have experienced 21st century gentrification have had to deal with: hipsters. 

I want to punch/makeout with everyone depicted. 

Of course it's like 3 am and superheroes need their sleep, which is why they are going to log a complaint with the manager of the little faux dive across the street. That ends just as you imagined it might.

Of course the GLA ends up going to the pokey for disorderly conduct. While in jail, Doorman's "Death Sense" starts tingling and he takes a dimensional short cut to the coffin that Mr. Immortal is buried in. This is where we get the big reveal that he buried himself as a sort of penance/self-betterment initiative. If he is in there he can't hurt anyone and has a time to sober up. Plus he has allot of time to think on philosophical matters. He committed to a year and he has a few months to go, but Doorman can't stand the smell so he teleports the two of them above ground.

Meanwhile, Stark, not Tony because... well you know, gets the Great Lakes Avengers out of jail and the owner of the bar they tore up isn't very happy about it. I mean he does were a devil mask and all, so I don't think he's that great of a guy to begin with, but he does seem to have a legitimate point. With a new werewolf gal joining the team... oh yah... they met in jail, the heroes are free to go get some unimpeded shut eye. 

It this what we needed or what? Thank you Gorman and company for this comic. It's humorous. It's colorful. It's wacky. It's everything that Marvel needs as a pallet cleanse. I can read this, Squirrel Girl, and Ultimates 2 and ignore the larger Marvel world. I will even forgive the tired hipster jokes because they don't ever mention it, they just depict it. The art isn't always the most consistent, but who cares, it's a GLA comic after all.

If you are not reading this book... what is wrong with you? Buy this book!

Rating: 9/10 Rusty Leaf Blowers