Comic Review: SLAM #1

Oh my goodness, I love this book and Veronica Fish's work so much that it hurts. 

After picking SLAM #1 from Boom! Studios up on a whim (and a killer Fish cover), I can say that I am more than pleasantly surprised. 

First off, Pamela Ribon wrote one hell of a relatable story with even more relatable characters. It was accessible, it struck a chord right off the bat and it was just plain out fun.

Combine Ribon with the electric, deliberate, heartfelt style Fish, and you have yourself a winning combination. There aren't many teams that could bring a book about Roller Deerby to life more than these two. 

Here I am reading this book, and I'm audibly saying "oh my God, I know a Knockout and Ithinka Can!" Simply fantastic work all around. Knockout (Jennifer) and Ithinka Can (Maise) are deep characters right off the bat thanks to each getting a page with their bodies split down the middle with one half representing "B.D. Before Derby" and "A.D. After Derby." 

Not only were they beautifully done art wise, but the differences in the A.D. and B.D. versions were so strikingly realistic that it hits home. We get to know these characters right off the bat, we know their weaknesses, we know their strengths and we even have a basic idea of how we got here.

Rating: 9.5/10 Veronica Fish brings the electricity while Pamela Ribon crafts characters so relatable that it makes this book stick with you for a bit. The art, the writing, the story, the characters ... it's all here. What else do you need in a comic book?