Comic Review: Power Man & Iron Fist #1

If there was ever a buddy cop franchise in the Marvel Universe, it would have to be the "Heroes for Hire" duo of Danny Rand and Luke Cage. Two unlikely friends bashing bad guys, quipping all the while... that is until Luke Cage had to learn how to be an adult and a dad. Jessica Jones has her work cut out for her; trying to raise a daughter who doesn't curse like a sailor because her father talks like a wharf-man. Luke is doing his best to honor his Jessica's wishes by not hanging out with Danny.

What the Fiddle Faddle is this?

What the Fiddle Faddle is this?

But Jessica can't keep Luke and Danny apart when it comes to taking care of their old superhero crew. Jennie Royce, their former office manager, is getting out of the poky and Danny insists they pick her up and help her out because, as Danny often points out, " she's family." Turns out Jennie needs some help getting back an old heirloom which is currently in the possession of Tombstone. As you can imagine the crime boss isn't too keen on giving up one of his prizes.

In comics, just like in real life, your family causes you the most trouble than most supervillains.

David Walker's writing is why I will continue to buy this series. His dialog is never forced, believable, and with the perfect amount of levity in every speech bubble. From Luke Cage trying not to swear to Iron Fist trying just not to talk, I was always smirking if not laughing out loud. The story is compelling and makes the reader eager to see what unintended repercussions will result in this first adventure.  

Too bad I have a harder time appreciating Sanford Greene's artwork - I don't like the overall artistic theme to this book. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. It's cartoonish, exaggerated, but a bit drab. I couldn't help feel that maybe more color and some cleaner lines might have made the visuals more pleasing to me. I love what Greene has done in the past from Young Justice, Hulk, and Evil Dead. I just have a harder time understanding this art direction when I see what he is capable of.

Despite being underwhelmed by the visuals of this book, I will continue the series because it is so damn interesting and involving some of the most memorable "B-list" heroes around. Hopefully in the next issue Danny gets to run his mouth a bit more.

Writing: 9

Art: 5

Score: 7