Comic Review: Sheriff of Babylon #4

Man, let's all take a moment and recognize what Tom King, our close personal friend, is doing. Not only is this former CIA operative writing a badass war-drama in Sheriff, but sweet lord, check out Vision if you haven't yet.

Here's Dad Grant Stoye's latest Vision review: Comic Review: Vision #5

Back to Sheriff of Babylon #4 as the shit just keeps piling up for Chris and he seemingly keeps getting further and further away from discovering who killed his trainee. What more can you say about artist Mitch Gerads work on this series, from his time on Punisher to now he has absolutely earned the crown of best war, drama toonist in the game.

King's ability to perfectly capture the drama, unlawful feelings of this Iraqi setting is what makes this book so different. His ability to play with formats is what makes each issue, panel and page feel new and unique.

This is a series that deserves high readership. Not just because of its topic, but because of the strength, chemistry and craftsmanship shown by both King and Gerads. King is giving us a character in Chris that we can relate to. He is clearly in over his head and there doesn't seem to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Get on this train. Really solid series and another strong issue from King, Gerads and the awesome Vertigo team.

Rating: 8/10 -- There is a reason Tom King was just named the new Batman writer. The former CIA operative can do it all and is not limited by genre. Mitch Gerads just keeps getting better. His name should be attached to any comic book that uses war/crime drama.