Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon and Groot #3

What a strange, little fun series this is turning out to be.

Artist Filipe Andrade did a fantastic job at giving us some beautiful, killer and different panels.

Between the comedic scenes and the serious, darker scenes, he makes these two quirky characters respond appropriately. His ability to juggle these characters as they jump between starkly different tones, is impressive to say the least. 

Skottie Young has such a grasp on not just Rocket, but the relationship between Rocket and Groot. He momentarily teased a rift, but the two came closer and more on the same page than ever in No. 3.

Just one issue removed from Groot's sad tale of tattooing clues into his body just to find Rocket, while Rocket -- pretends to be Lord Rakzoon -- acts like he doesn't know him and sentences him to death.


It was all just a joke. Rocket yells out "I got you," and yeah, not only did he "get" Groot, but this guy as well.

Just another really solid issue from this team. Another great Skottie Young cover and plot, and Andrade is doing a fantastic job.

Take this panel for instance:

We get a great line from Rocket, while Andrade give us a well-timed wide shot as Rocket and Groot are about to make shit violent. The lankiness of Groot, Rocket's calm, cocky demeanor. It's all there in a simple wide shot.

Young also gives us the treat of Pockets and Shrub. That's right, a raccoon named Pockets and a Shrub, who can only say "Me is Shrub." Oh yeah, and Rocket had just sentenced them to death under the false alias of Lord Rakzoon.

Good stuff. The strongest visual page from Andrade comes during a fight scene between Rocket and Pockets. The colors change, it gets darker with intense red while the fight scene looks like two kids slapping each other.

After three episodes, we've essentially got a clean slate. Groot and Rocket surprised the Guardians by being alive so where do we go from here. The only loose end not tied up is Pockets and Shrubs, so I'm not sure where we're going, but I'm along for the ride.

This series is essential Rocket Raccoon and Groot. It's like a buddy-cop space comedy that knows exactly what it is and what it's good at.

Rating: 8/10 -- Skottie Young is the master of Rocket Raccoon and he's making the friendship between he and Groot even stronger. Also, Andrade is coming into his own.