Comic Review: Jonesy #2

All the hype said that Jonesy was fun. The hype said that Jonesy was engaging. The hype said that it was a blast to read, that the artwork was gorgeous and new, and that the dialog and premise were fun and refreshing.

Well, after sticking my greasy nose into issues 1 & 2 of Sam Humphries’ Boom Box book featuring its titular character, I can officially say this: the Hype was right-motherfucking-on.

As we all know by now, issue 1 was so great it has moved on to a second printing, so how about issue 2? Still dope.

In this story things open with Jonesy’s fantastic first-page splash yelling at you, the reader. Jonesy’s former-nemesis-now-pal Susan runs into the crazy cupid while Jonesy is slaving away in her father’s donut booth at the town’s annual Talent Show.

In fact, the interactions between Jonesy and her dad are absolutely priceless – the different levels they operate on as goofy-but-lovable father and embarrassed-but-loving daughter mirror any good real-life comparison. In fact, Humphries really shines when Jonesy and her dad talk:

I just wanna eat that shit up.

The rest of the issue sees Susan and Jonesy getting into mischief on behalf of the girls’ respective crushes, trying to get Susan’s hat back, and dealing with Jonesy’s inability to fully take in all the Stuff she can. And, of course, Gopher Pops.

Caitlin Rose Boyle is the perfect cohort for Humphries, as her fluid and zany artwork captures the spirit of his snappy, frenetic words. Boyle takes every emotion into maximum overdrive to achieve a dynamic comedic effect,

Mickey Quinn and Corey Breen do the best job possible of enhancing the action through colors and words, each making this book as much their work of art as Boyle and Shump.

The best part about this comic isn’t just that any age can pick it up and really appreciate it. The best part is that it makes you happy; I grinned like an idiot the entire time I was reading, from start to finish – it’s just so damn fun you can’t help yourself.  

LOWDOWN: 8 out of 10 pelvic thrusts. What a fun fucking book. Try to buy it if you can (only 4 total issues, boss!), but definitely read this ish.