Comic Review: the Legacy of Luther Strode #5

It’s getting harder and harder to pick up the Legacy of Luther Strode.

Does it have its faults? Sure, every book does, but that doesn’t affect its pullability.

Is it because it’s very heavy? Like, weight-wise? No, that’s a fucking dumb dad joke.

The reason it’s more difficult, more emotionally painful, is because each issue has been a stepping stone on the road to The End of what has been a thrilling, berserk, insane journey.

Luther and Petra have reached the temple where Cain and the other bound warriors are residing, and now they’re facing three new combatants along with Delilah: one is a samurai, one looks to be a Zulu warrior, and one looks to be an Incan warrior (editors’ note: I don’t have a clue what kind of fighters they actually are, and I’m sure close, personal friend Justin Jordan wouldn’t mind correcting me). Delilah points them at Luther and Petra like a cadre of bazookas, and fires.

Tradd Moore shines in this issue unlike any other previous issue in this third volume of Strode – the fights are acrobatic and gory, visually stunning and cringe-worthy.

The Incan is the most savage, tearing into Luther in a frenzy. The Zulu is like a developing storm, grace and fury through fluid motion. The samurai, Musashi, simply waits for, as he says, “For the perfect moment.”

And speaking of shining, this issue is also a triumph for the unsung hero of the three creators: Felipe Sobreiro. His colors dictate the mood in each panel, setting a tone reflected perfectly in simple background colors. There’s rare glee in some of these panels that are popping do to Sobreiro’s work, and he deserves far more credit than he’s gotten.

And yet, Jordan writes a Luther this issue that uses his words with as much power as his limbs. The speech he gives to everyone has a veracity to it that penetrates these ultra-violent warriors to the point where he has talked two of them down from their assault. One he had to deal with with his bare hands, and one….well, one of the guys Petra turned into soup. But still – this Luther is someone who could lead an army. This is someone who inspires. This Luther is so fucking far away from the skinny dingus we saw at the very beginning that it’s stunning.

And then, there’s Cain. Hell of a cliffhanger.

Sigh. One more to go.