Comic Review: International Iron Man #1

Le sigh. 

International Iron Man #1, written by Brain Michael Bendis, is essentially taking Tony Stark and making him what they tried to make Peter Parker last year: An international globe-trotter. 

However, It's not my cup of tea, because as Aziz Ansari once said, "I don't like huge pieces of shit in my tea." The first issue is basically a slow-moving look back at young college student Tony Stark. I like the payoff and the story's direction, but my fuck it's like pulling teeth to get to something. 

In fact, my favorite part about this book is the Skottie Young variant cover I scooped up. 

Also, Marvel sloppily put together this book. Look at this amateurish stuff: 

This is Marvel. This is a Bendis book centered on Iron Man/Tony Stark, who they are trying to portray as its centerpiece. This is not a book put out by that local guy who busts his ass to print an indie comic book at a FedEx Express - this is Marvel

Besides this minor glitch, I am just thrown off by the art in this issue. They somehow didn't make Tony Stark look 20 years (or whatever) younger, they just slapped longnhair on him and called it good. WUT --->

I typically enjoy Alex Maleev's art -- I want to make that abundantly clear -- but the pages in this book just make me feel like he's not the right fit. I kept wanting to like the art, at least, but it just didn't happen.

Not only does this book not do it for me -- or the rest of the Court -- but I just don't see a demand for a second Iron Man book. Stop confusing readers, stop making it harder to keep up on books and just focus on putting out stuff that doesn't suck. 

Why do we need a story showing us young Tony Stark's international escapades in Cambridge? This series exists for flashbacks and to show us a new Stark love interest who eventually turns into an adversary. This is a dialogue-heavy book with one or two weird action scenes and a double-date with his new ladyfriend's rich parents. 

I bought this book because they teased me with a young Tony/Victor von Doom team-up. If there is one thing you don't do to a member of the Court, it's teasing and withholding Doom.  

Buy something else - This book came out a couple of weeks ago, so I'm sorry if I couldn't save you $3.99. 

Rating: 3/10

From the printing to the writing to the pace to the art, this book was an extreme letdown.