Comic Review: Rick and Morty #1

I think that it is safe to say that writer Zac Gorman and artist C.J. Cannon are big fans of Rick and Morty. 

That's the thing that always worries me when I pick up a book like this one, Bob's Burgers or any other cartoon T.V. show comic book; that it won't translate to books. This one did, though. 

Gorman perfectly captures everything from Rick and Morty's dialogue with each other to the improvisational feel to space television. 

Another thing I feel safe in saying, if you're a big Rick and Morty fan, you'll be a big fan of this book. Cannon had the unenviable task of making these television characters come to life in his panels, and by Ladybird Hill, he cranked it out of the park. 

The dialogue, relationships, mannerisms, insane missions and Rick, it's all there and it's all done right. The only thing missing is a little Psycho Bag of Squanch, but there's still time. 

I don't even want to glance over the plot because I want to keep patting Cannon and Gorman on the back for the fantastic work they put out in this Oni Press book. 

The bottom line:

Is this as satisfying as a new episode of Rick and Morty? No. 

Is it an authentic Rick and Morty experience? Yes. 

Rating: 7/10 This book is pretty much geared to only diehard Rick and Morty fans and not much else. It's a fun read and I hope that it makes people more aware of the show, but that's the only real reason for this book -- another Rick and Morty series -- to exist.