Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon and Groot #4

The concept behind this issue is freaking insane. 

This is an apparent crazy person, Skottie Young, writing a story where Rocket Raccoon and all his superpals are playing a Cones of Dunshire-esque game that leads to a bro-down between Tony Stark and Rocket that leads to an intergalactic and literal fantasy football game ... 


and it's amazing. 

The bet between Tony and Rocket is that if Rocket's team of huge alien's beats Tony's team of ginormous aliens then Stark will have to play Rocket's fantasy wizard role-playing dive game. 

This not only works as an engaging, hilarious story but it knows exactly what is from the beginning. In the first three issues, Rocket is pranking Groot by holding him hostage, threatening to kill him and pretending to be Lord Rakzoon. Check out how they decided to wrap that storyline up: 

This captures the essence of Rocket

This captures the essence of Rocket

I'm in love with the way Aaron Conley draws the main characters in this book. Groot is hilarious as the proud buddy in the stands watching his BFF play football. While he is treated like a character actor in this issue, his facial expressions and happy-go-lucky demeanor in the crowd is fantastic. Conley's Tony Stark is unlike any Tony Stark I've seen. I absolutely love it. It's so different and unique and perfectly fits the story Young is telling with Stark. 

He's just a dude trying to prove a point to his dude. Check this out:

This wacky-ass issue wouldn't possibly work without Conley's amazing character work, facial expressions and his ability to capture a characters personalty and current mood.

Jean-Francois Beaulieu most certainly had his hands full in this issue with a huge mix of well-known characters and essentially the Mon-Stars from Space Jam in a football game. The art and colors in this book are an absolute blast. 

He best capture this in the above panel and later on when Rocket goes into full Rocket mode; he breaks all of the rules to win and shame Tony Stark. 


Rocket full-on Rocket. Tongue flying in the wind while he shoots someone with a smile on his face. Rocket is the obvious star of this series and Skottie Young's grip on this character is on par with Dan Slott's of Spider-Man. 

He'll do anything to win, he loves having a good time and he really enjoys shooting people with his sweet-looking guns. 

Rating: 9.5/10 This book, which is literally a football game between Tony Stark and Rocket Raccoon, is nearly perfect. Skottie Young has captured Rocket Raccoon on the level that most writers only dream of while Aaron Conley's art is the frantic things dreams are made of.