Comic Review: X-Men '92 #2

Not only is the art still a trip down memory lane leading right to a bowl of cereal in front of the television, but the story is actually more than just a cheap pop of nostalgia. 

It's easy to look at the title of this book, the reason it exists and its characters and blurt out "Can't we get anything new?" But, this book written by Chris Sims and Charles Bowers is a new take on arguably the most recognizable X-Men lineup of all time. 

Sure, Jubilee is a Vampire, Alpha Red and the Fenris twins are up to shenanigans, but it's interesting enough to see these 90's characters thrown into the millenial generation. 

Even if you can't stomach the idea of a book titled "X-Men '92," then at least check an issue out for the wonderful art by Alti Firmansyah. She doesn't have the recognizable name to jump off the cover (YET!), but she will. 

Her work on this series has captured an authentic cartoony feel to it. I love it. It's the best part of this series. 

In Issue No. 2, we get a heavy dose of Bishop and Jubilee, who is now a Vampire. It's a classic X-Men tale and not much more than that. 

Rating: 6.5/10 There is nothing other than Alti Firmansyah's art to make me want to tell you to buy this book. It's more than just cheap nostalgia, but not by much.