Review: Marvel Universe Live! is part Superhero movie part X-Games part Parkour

Marvel Universe Live! is part Evel Knievel, part parkour, part 1990s WWF Saturday morning wrestling and all fun. 

It's cheesy fun for adults, and quick, loud excitement for kids. 

For the price of admission you get nearly every Marvel character you can name off the top of your head, an impressive display of fight choreography, dirt bike tricks and neat-looking sets.

They project different setting on this structure and the floor. Impressive lighting work in this show. 

They project different setting on this structure and the floor. Impressive lighting work in this show. 

The show comes in two halves with a brief intermission for you to buy more things. (I bought a $15 Spider-Man cup/Sno-Cone so it worked.)

The first half is about 35 minutes and the second half is closer to an hour with the three big fights.  

The story focuses on the Cosmic Cube, as the Avengers (and friends) take on Loki, the Sinister Six and Aldrich Killian. The voices of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Nick Fury and even Maria Hill sound nearly like they do in the movie and TV universes. I believe a number of the pre-recorded voices come from the Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers and other cartoon series. 

I'm blown away by the motorcycle stunts.Seriously, they were almost showing off at times. There was only point during the show, where Jon and I looked at each other and audibly asked "why are they doing wheelies right now?" Captain America could compete in the X-Games tomorrow. Same for Red Skull. 

The fight scenes are exciting and impressive, with Wolverine -- obviously -- being the most violent. There was only one scene that really surprised, as this is a show aimed at all ages and kids, when one of Loki's Aliens started pummeling Wolverine and Wolvie puts the ole claws through his body. Other than that, the only thing that will surprise you is some of the loud pyro. 

It's a fun story that manages to squeeze a ton of cool villains into the mix with an awesome Spidey/Goblin fight on top of the Statue of Liberty and a Motorcycle stunt-off between Red Skull and Cap. 

Here is one complaint! Hulk's hands are way too big, it makes him look like a Rancor when he walks. His forearms are as thick as his chest. 

It's a fun time for the whole family. Doesn't go on too long and lets each character shine a little bit, with most of the focus on Wolverine, Spidey, Thor, Loki, Iron Man and Cap.