Comic Review: Deadpool #10

A high-speed motorcycle chase between Deadpool and the man responsible for killing his parents, the mutant, Creed. 

Get those Creed jokes out of the way, because our buddy Deadpool certainly went there. 

This book by Gerry Duggan with art from Matteo Lolli, Iban Coello and Ruth Redmond is a solid little Deadpool adventure that takes part on the "quiet" Canadian roads. 

The Merc with the Mouth wants to take some bloody revenge on Creed, but here the two are having a meal and trying to talk things out. There are some funny exchanges, but the interaction between Deadpool between he and the waitress is what makes this book stand out. 

It's the little things that make Deadpool so unique, take this panel for example: 

This Duggan Deadpool series perfectly captures the new essence of Wade Wilson that Marvel is going forward with: He's certainly still the same asshole, blood-thirsty mercenary, but he has a heart and he cares about the little people of the world. 

Being able to accomplish and combine those things was what Duggan was challenged with leading up to and following the insane success of the film franchise. By George he did it. 

He steals a motorcycle in hilarious fashion, takes to the road to chase Creed and manages to draw the attention of the police and local journalists, who just happen to think Deadpool is Spider-Man. 

It's fun stuff with classic one-liners and sassy comebacks and it leads to a exciting little payoff.

Deadpool eventually forgives Creed for killing his father and shakes his hand, but his poor ol' mom? The Regeneratin' Degenerate has not forgotten about his mom, so he does what Deadpool does and shoots Creed in the face. He then takes his body and somehow combines violent thoughts with a sick Hitcher pop-culture reference. 

The art is fantastic, particularly in the restaurant scenes with Creed, the nervous waitress and Deadpool. The facial expressions, conversational hand movement and Deadpool's worn costume and damaged skin is all captured. 

Rating: 8/10 Gerry Duggan's newish Deadpool series is successfully hammering home the belief that Deadpool is definitely a sarcastic and violent asshole, but he's a good guy who cares about the little people of the world.