Comic Review: Tokyo Ghost #6

Oooooo weeeeeee!

Rick Remender, Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth's Tokyo Ghost made sure not to hold anything back or pull any punches with issue No. 6. 

This is an explicit book that should only be read by grown ups or children with terrible parents. 

Remender still isn't shy with how he views the future with his world in Tokyo Ghost. Porn, click-bait headlines, advertisement, suicide pills at sporting events and drugs are everywhere and within arm's reach highlighted much of the first few issues of this series, but we've moved past that. 

We've moved onto scenes where local journalists and reporters are literally -- ahem literally -- sucking the dick of Flak, the CEO. of the Flak Corporation which pumps people with addictive technology. Flak literally feeds off the world, and the scene in which a reporter is performing fellatio on his large member paints a picture of the world these characters are stuck in. 

Yes, it's disgusting shock value but nothing like this scene could paint the picture of the world Flak has created than this. He is sucking this city dry as he plans to do it to Tokyo, and the reporters aren't questioning his future plans, but rather ... um ... sucking him dry. 

This series has done what so many books fail to do by making a social statement without it bogging down the actual book. Issue No. 6 failed at doing this when compared to the other five issues. 

We get lost in the shock value. The fight scenes don't resonate or mean anything and it's really hard to come back from the especially explicit scenes. There's just not much more to this issue than that one scene where they drove home a statement and picture of just how bad this series' bad guy actually is. 

Rating: 7/10 This is still a strong series, I'm just not sure they know how fast they want to go with the plot at this point. This is an especially explicit edition of Tokyo Ghost so proceed with caution.