Comic Review: Amazing Spider-Man #11

Dan Slott's latest dive into the world of "Global Spidey," is exactly that, a dive into hammering the idea home that Spider-Man's neighborhood ... wait for it ... "just got a whole lot bigger."

This series has been satisfying, but I think we're past the point of being sold on Spider-Man being global and not just in New York. There are times where it might get frustrating for someone who has kept up with this series that makes you go:


For those just jumping on now or in the past couple of issues, it's probably not even noticeable that they are still treating this as a new idea so I'll bury my Spider-Man aficionado cap and stop being such an ass. 


In Issue 11, we see the door close on Spidey's battle with Zodiac.  Some loose ends are tightened not tied, and we get a better idea on where this series is headed.

Seriously, I'm really excited about the future of this series. Without spoiling too much, I think it's going to become "Superior" to what we have seen through 11 issues. 

What else needs to be said about Dan Slott and Spider-Man that hasn't already been said? The man knows how to balance the perfect, classic Spider-Man story while adding his own international twist. 

Peter Parker's issues are now forefront of the world and it's been extremely interesting to see how Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli have portrayed the new techniques being used to hide his secret identity. Slott's ability to balance characters, humor and drama is still spot on; we get the intense main storyline with the classic humor that is expected with this character. 

Giuseppe Camuncoli art is so ... so special that I don't know how to describe it. It has a level of dynamic, fluid intensity that meshes well with the subject material. As we bounce between comedy and action, the artist makes sure to play into those tone switches. 

Rating: 8.5/10 This series is moving onto Superior things and issue 11 does a great job of wrapping up the Zodiac storyline while enticing the leader with what the future holds.