Comic Review: Green Lantern #51

It's been a rough post-"Convergence" for the Green Lantern Corp: Hal Jordan has gone rogue, taking the original power glove and becoming a directionless vigilante - He grew his hair out and everything! If you want a run down, you can read it in a previous review I did here. But things are about to change!

How do we know things have changed? Hal got a new haircut. Oh, and he's more glowy than before.

Hal went to check up on his little brother, got in a fight with a Parallax version of himself from another universe, turned translucent green (or as he called it, going "full spectrum"), and then scared the big mean away. He seemed to forget who he was though while that happened. Jim and his family help Hal remember who he is and Hal flies off.

Annnnnyyyy whhoooo;

His outlaw crew aboard Darlene, the sentient space ship with an attitude, sends out a distress signal. They have come under attack by a group of would be space cops called "The Gray Agents." Hal show up just as his crew was about to be clapped in irons. 

That's the end of this comic. 


I keep waiting to be interested in Green Lantern again. Ever since Geoff Johns passed off the reigns, it has steadily declined in writing and direction with the few rare moments of Kyle Raynor becoming a complete badass. But this isn't about Kyle. This is about Hal. Hal fucking Jordan.

I know how Guy Gardner feels all the time now.

Lets start with the good. The art is certainly good. Great even. Rafa Sandoval's pencils and Jordi Tarragona's inks are excellent. The action, what little there is, is portrayed crisply and with just the right amount of detail. I have no complaint about the art.

The story however.

I have tried to get into Robert Venditti's narrative. HOW THE HELL DO YOU MAKE THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR BORING. This should be a "jumping on" issue; moving from one plot to another. You gave Hal a hair cut to demonstrate this. You had a two page spread detailing what happened in the past year for new readers. This should not make me apathetic to what used to be the most exciting series that DC had going! At least Hal has a positive outlook.

I somehow doubt that.

I somehow doubt that.

This ends up making me ask myself why I keep buying Green Lantern. If I have to ask myself that question, than I shouldn't expect anyone reading this review to start buying it.

Score: 4/10 Translucent Green Kappa Girls