Comic Review: Poe Dameron #1

First off, being a huge Star Wars fan and enjoying the new characters from The Force Awakens gave me really high hopes for Poe Dameron by Charles Soule, and it did not disappoint .

He went down and really captured the essence of the portrayal from actor Oscar Issac. The pseudo cockiness of knowing hes the best pilot in the galaxy and with that the certain charm and wit about him, as well.

The Book is set 30 years after the defeat of the galactic empire, but right before The Force Awakens and it adds just that much more to the movie to make it special.

You get to see the mission of Poe and his Black Squadron on the quest for answers that will finally make things right.  As seen, you should know Poe being the bad ass that he is, always seems to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and low and behold that's what happens in the first issue.

Artist Phil Noto follows a theme I feel all the star wars books have with an easy on the eyes tone with realism from the characters in the movie. It even comes with a fun little BB-8 side story book at the end and a pin! (well, at least mine did)

I give this book 10/10 pelvic thrusts, but remember I'm biased and love anything Star Wars canon.