Comic Review: Spider-Man #3

The comic I have started to affectionately refer to as Bendis-Man (just to distinguish it from the other Spidey titles), is really encapsulating the classic Spider-Man feel through Miles Morales. 

Miles Morales is a becoming a top-flight hero in his own right and has clearly distinguished himself as his own version of Spider-Man, and has escaped the shadows of Peter Parker. This is due in large part to the superb writing and his ability to cram all things Spidey into each issue without it feeling forced. 

Spider-Man stories are always a little more gripping when his personal life starts to overtake, or at least it should, his superhero duties. Grandma is here to give Miles hell for slipping in school. 

Grandma is intense. Like "you want to end up like your dead piece of crap like your Uncle Aaron?" intense. Whoa! And it wasn't even her son that she said that about,  but her son-in-law's!

F*ck Grandma Gloria. (See! That's what's special about this series. The main antagonist for a portion is a teenager's grandmother.)

A scene that starts issue three with a bang is when Miles' grandma asks "who the hell do you think you are?" And he just screams "I'm Spider-Man!!" ..... (in his mind). It's a well done scene with great facial expressions and attention to detail from Sara Pichelli, and the colors of the red in Grandma Gloria's eyes when she's yelling or the change of tone when he think-screams his secret-identity. 

We even get a cute Ms. Marvel will they won't they teenager flirt scene. Two teenage superheroes complaining about being grounded. It's a neat take and I like that they fully committed to it. 

This is a fun book that looks to be setting up into some interesting storylines with Black Cat on the prowl and a mutant signing up for classes at Miles' school!

Rating: 8/10. Just a solid all-around book.