Comic Review: Sheriff of Babylon #5; Tom King and Mitch Gerads should come attached at the hip

Tom King, you know that guy who is going to write Batman thanks to DC's Rebirth, has two of the best books out right now in Vision and Sheriff of Babylon. 

King and artist Mitch Gerads, who also does the colors, have something spectacularly unique in this gripping war-drama based in post-Saddam Iraq. 

Issue No. 5 revolves around our main character Chris, drinking a bottle of vodka in a bombed-out building with Nassir's wife.

It's literally these two drinking just talking; and it's the series' strongest issue yet. 

While this is magnificent dive in character-driven storytelling, it's Gerads who brings it all together. The simple clanking of the bottle, the dark tones of the room, Chris' evolving facial expressions as he dives deeper into inebriation. It's goddamn beautiful. 

Gerads just has such a grip on this genre, that it's frightening. Combine that with the fact that series writer, King, is a real-life former CIA Operative who did some time in Iraq. 

If you haven't, check out our special interview with the talented Mr. King by clicking here. 

This is an intense look at one of the most talked-about times in United States history and King is giving it to us from a different viewpoint. Chris talks about interviewing one of the terrorists from 9/11 while Nassir's wife cites how it sucked not being able to get batteries in Iraq post 9/11. 

Watching these two bond over a bottle of vodka and talk about real-life shit is gripping stuff. I promise you, this book isn't just blood, guts, gore and dude's blowing stuff up. This is a book worth having, 100 percent. 

This belongs in your home. 

Rating: 10/10 without even thinking twice. The least action, the least amount of characters but the most gripping issue from this miniseries.